Local Roots has spent the past decade working with farmers, artisans, and neighborhoods to make good food accessible, sustainable and fun. Initially created as a CSA, Local Roots has grown to host classes, festivals, supper clubs, and farm visits. With the evolution of the company, a rebrand was needed to accommodate the ever-changing nature of the business. 
The logo is a representation of agriculture and urban communities locked in harmony. It is also a nod to produce stickers. Local Roots is a vibrant, bold, fun and oddly practical company and the new branding is a reflection of this.


As the sole designer on this project, I worked closely alongside founder Wen-Jay Ying. We determined the values and goals of the company and decided to start anew with a completely fresh aesthetic. We wanted to use bold typography and vibrant colors to distinguish Local Roots as more than just a provider of produce.
Role: Art Director/Designer/Strategist
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